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Poems for Advent

- First of all, we apologize for the lack of posts this past week. The stress of finals and Christmas preparation have kept us quite busily occupied. However, we hope to be back to posting regularly throughout the next few weeks. Thanks for understanding! - As we celebrate this season of Advent, we thought we would post a few poems that have been meaningful to us recently. We find that poems, which one must read over again and again in order to fully understand, usher in a contemplative spirit and help us to not only appreciate the rhythm of words, but also help us to more fully understand the underlying themes that the poem presents. The following poems focus on the season of Advent and the birth of Christ. - Advent by Sheldon and Davy Vanauken -- Two thousand years go by while on the Cross Our Lord is suffering still--there is no end Of pain: the spear pierces, nails rend-- And we below with Mary weep our loss. - The chilling edge of night crawls round the earth; At eve

Friday Footprints

- - A trace of where we've been on the web this week... - Advent Conspiracy Video 2009 We posted the Advent Conspiracy promotional video earlier this week but later realized that this was actually the promotional video from last year! So here is the link to the appropriate 2009 video. Both are worth watching. - Ali's African Adventures This is the blog of a young woman traveling with Mercy Ships throughout Africa serving those in need. Especially make sure to read Ali's most recent post, Stars Fall . - Anglican Prayer Daily Office Although we know this might not appeal to all, for those interested this is an online collection of the Anglican church's daily prayer services as published in the Book of Common Prayer . We have found that it is especially helpful in this season of Advent. - We'll be back Monday... - grace & peace, Jessina, Megan, and Joanna -