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Friday Footprints

Happy Summer, readers!

Here's a collection of our fabulous findings this month...

A craving for a delicious blueberry muffin brought about a search for the best blueberry muffins on the web. This recipe takes the cake! (er uh...muffin!) We added a sweet crumble (melted butter, brown sugar, and flour) to top these yummy muffins off.

If you haven't already... Watch "God's Not Dead" the new movie, featuring the Newsboys and the Robertsons from "Duck Dynasty", about a college student's struggle to defend his faith on campus, specifically in a philosophy class taught by an atheist professor. This awesome movie deserves a review all its own.

Speaking of the Newsboys, check out two of our favorite songs! "God's Not Dead" the theme song of the movie and "Restart" a great song about God's forgiveness.

With so much negativity and non-Christian messages in media today we're refreshed to see these great Christian productions…

Mission Trip to Taiwan and Hong Kong


Sisters of the Faith: Sarah

Today we're excited to share with you this interview we recently did with Sarah.  As you read, we pray that you will be refreshed and encouraged in your own walk with Christ!

When did you start living for Christ?
I received the Lord Jesus Christ into my heart at the age of 5, just three days after my 5th birthday. I will forever be grateful for my mother who led me in prayer to receive Christ. It wasn’t until I was 12 years old that I really began to grow spiritually, and not until I was in my teen years did I begin to more fully understand what Christ did for me. At one point during those years, my family was experiencing difficulties and for the first time I questioned God and even got upset at Him. Doubts began to creep in and I thought, “Perhaps I am not really a Christian.” But as much as I tried to convince myself that I wasn’t one, Romans 8:16 came true in my life as God’s Spirit bore witness with my spirit that I was indeed His child! That settled it.
I grew up in a family wh…

Quotation: abandoning ourselves


The trash kids

{This is the second installment in my Reflections from Cambodia series.  For part one, click here}

They stand solemnly, bare toes covered in red dirt. They have feet roughened by constant exposure to the weather and elements. And from the fact that there is nothing to protect them except flimsy flip flops. I can tell that they don't really protect the boys' feet. Their skin is still battered, with scabs and scars evident.

My eyes settle on their faces. Their skin shows their youth, but their eyes reveal that they have lived more in their young lives than some adults live in their 70 years. What precious faces they have. They cannot be more than eight. I start to wonder why this duo isn't in school but then I realize the answer is already clear - their families are depending on these little ones to bring home recyclables to sell, as well as money. Probably like they do every day of the year. Probably as they have done since they were old enough to toddle around on two feet…