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For over 11 years, Bloom! has existed to spur you on in your journey towards Biblical womanhood.  What started as a big dream in the hearts of three teen girls, turned into an international print magazine and then later turned into a thriving blog.  Our heart has been to go beyond the fluff and dig deep into God’s Word and into how to practically apply that to our daily lives.  If any good has come out of Bloom! , we know it is because God is the one who waters the seeds we plant ( 1 Cor. 3:7 ).  This journey of magazine and blog has spanned for over a decade and what a thrilling and beautiful one it has been.   God has deepened and widened our worldview.   He has given us a deeper understanding of His ways.   He’s brought me (Joanna) through some really hard times and pushed me to write despite the pain .   He’s shown me that although I am nowhere near perfect, He can still use me anyway. One thing He’s been teaching me recently is that sometimes, some chapters mus