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Friday Footprints

A trace of where we've been this month...

Samaritan's Purse, a Christian disaster relief organization run by Billy Graham's son, has been responding to the recent fires in Colorado and New Mexico, as well as flash flooding in Florida and Minnesota.  To learn more - including info, how to volunteer, give, and pray, take a look around!

Kelli Overturf, author of The Beauty of His Love, writes, "So many people are searching for purpose in life, a reason to live each day.  Without purpose, life is pointless, discouraging, empty.  But in Christ we have purpose, we have a reason to live!"  To read more of this thought-provoking and motivating article about living life purposefully, head on over!

Praying for you!

Joanna, Megan, Krista, Emily & Victoria

Author Profile: Heather Paulsen Patenaude

When Bloom! was a print magazine, we had the pleasure of having Heather Paulsen Patenaude, author of Emotional Purity, write a column for us every once in awhile.  Heather and her husband John have three precious boys and are passionate about being emotionally pure and strengthening marriages.  Join in our conversation as we talk with Heather about her book and emotional purity...

Heather, what inspired you to write Emotional Purity?

I wrote Emotional Purity when I was in my early 20's.  It was 1999 when I started and I thought it would be neat to pass along a journal to my future children about what it was like to be a single Christian woman at the turn of the century.  I thought I'd have all daughters but I have three sons!

Many of us have never heard of emotional purity before - could you define it for us?

Emotional Purity is a humble desire to honor God in our relationships.  To surrender our emotional needs to God, whether married or single, for the sake of the Gospel.


Keeper of the Stars Above

Inspired by Isaiah 40 and Psalm 139
Keeper of the stars above, You know them all by name. Where did You learn Your endless love, From whom did You knowledge gain?
All these stars up in the sky, I could never count or tell. You know every mountain high, Each water drop, You know it well.
Keeper of my every day, You know my mind, my heart. Where did You learn Your loving ways, From whom did You learn this art?
All my thoughts, before I talk, Are known by You, my Lord. You know the every path I walk, Always You know my words.
Such love is too deep for my soul to know, Too high for my heart to go. Oh, how great is Your love, How many Your thoughts of me! More than all the stars above, The grains of sand by the sea. Keeper of the stars above, You know them all by name. You created me in love, You carefully wrought my frame. You knew the days for me ordained, When none of them had come.
You took my sins, my soul You saved, My trespasses, the sum, You washed away, yes, You forgave, And saw p…

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