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An Opportunity to Serve

I wrote my first Tales from Taiwan over four years ago.  I'm still in Taiwan  and I want to be here long-term.  God is doing some pretty amazing things and I want to keep joining Him in that.   Because of that, I want to share with you an opportunity that you have to serve in Taiwan!   VOICE Missions  still has 13 more spots to fill for their upcoming mission trips to this beautiful island.  They offer an 11 month mission trip, as well as a 6 month mission trip.  Unlike most other mission trips, VOICE Missions' trips are sponsored.  This means that you although you do need to make a $1,000 flight deposit, it'll be reimbursed at the end of the first semester for the 11 month trip (for the 6 month trip, there's a $500 non-reimbursable payment required.  For more info on other costs, head over to the website .).  The great thing is that each  VOICE Missions volunteer receives a monthly living stipend which is pretty rare for mission trips!