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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, girls!  May your day be filled with great joy - because Jesus came to rescue us out of darkness and bring us into His glorious light.  Now that is good news!  Hallelujah! Celebrating Jesus with you! Joanna, Megan, and Jessina

180 movie

The other day my family and I sat down to watch this "180" movie.  Friends had told me to watch it but I had never heard of it and I had no clue how truly astounding and good it would be.  It was better than good.  It showed Biblcial truth on abortion (aka murder) so powerfully and beautifully and brought tears to my eyes.  Not only that, but as people were interviewed and abortion was explained to them in a new light, they started changing their minds... Pastor and author John Piper had this to say about "180": “I give my unflinching, joyful, trembling Yes to ‘180 ’ . Unflinching, because it's right. Joyful, because it's good. Trembling, because this our defeated enemy is still vicious.” Please, take 33 minutes and sit down and watch "180".  It's so worth it!