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Asking the Wrong Questions

Have you ever felt like you were asking a lot of questions, but somehow you couldn’t find answers to them? I’m guilty - I admit to asking a lot of questions. I could reason and justify it by saying that I am a naturally inquisitive person who refuses to receive things at face value. However, that doesn’t quite capture my nature, namely my ever-so-present 'why' nature. I can’t help but ask, "why" during every trial that comes into my life. Why, Lord, why? Why does this have to happen? Why couldn’t I just get what I want when I want it? Why must it be so hard? Every question seems to be so heavily laden with blame and disappointment and pointed right to God. However, the more that I study the Bible, the more I feel chastised and humbled. I have been asking the wrong questions. I have been using the wrong lens or perspective in viewing my blessings and my trials. Have you ever felt this way? Have you ever felt like you have things planned and they seemed okay, an

Quotations: how much?


Interview with Victoria and Emily

Listen in as we talk with our new Bloom! interns, Victoria Suich and Emily Horton, and hear how the Lord has been working in their lives... Victoria, tell us about how your interest in poetry started and how it’s grown since then. Well, I wrote my first poem when I was six years old.  I had never really done any poetry before that.   As I was walking around outside, I thought up a Christmas poem.  It talked about the star of “Orientare” which I thought was a real star.  After that, I started thinking up all sorts of rhymes and such.  Then at eight I wrote another poem, which got published.  I’ve written poetry ever since then, usually one or two a year.  Lately I've increased that number and am writing a lot more.  At first I just wrote poems when I thought of a good idea, but now I write them because I choose a certain topic and then write.   How did you get interested in designing? I’ve been interested in designing before and I just had fun playing around with