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Valentine Card Challenge

Dear Sisters, Valentine's Day is approaching and with it, lots of talk of love.  Well, this year, let's make that talk a reality and send cards to children imprisoned in Uganda!   Last year we did and there was such a huge turnout that Moriah Simonwich is doing it again.  Check out this post on The Rebelution for further details and the full story, but here's the basics from Moriah's post: 1. Make simple cards, preferably in a variety of colors.  Please include the  John 3:16  verse written out and God loves you OR Jesus Loves You (in their language of Luganda: Jesu Okwagala) and sign your name. [**Please note: Although they will be made around or on Valentine’s Day, they are anytime cards, not actual Valentine’s holiday cards. Teams going on mission trips with  Sixty Feet  will take cards during the summer and they will be distributed at the appropriate times. Please do not write Happy Valentine’s Day. Besides which, guys at the prison weren’t going for the

Apps that Encourage Your Faith

Awhile back the five of us Bloom! ladies chatted about some of our favorite apps that spur us on in our walk of faith.  Here's some of our favorites for you to check out. Feel free to comment below with any others you may have that will encourage your fellow sisters in Christ! YouVersion Bible - Get the Bible on your phone or mobile device and read the Bible any time, day or night.  YouVersion also has some great devotionals, including Spurgeon's Morning and Evening devotionals. Bible Gateway - Similiar to YouVersion Bible app, Bible Gateway provides God's Word with easy access to many translations and languages. Podcasts - Take advantage of the podcast app on your device (download one if you don't already have it) and subscribe to a few worthy channels, such as The Briefing to hear about world news from a Biblical perspective or Ellerslie to hear soul-stirring sermons from Eric Ludy and others. Scripture Typer - Looking for an app that aids you in hid

Tales from Taiwan #12

Dear sisters, Every Monday since September, I've been going to a boys' home and just investing in their lives however I can.  I'm learning that investing in these boys' lives often looks different than what I used to think.  It might be playing Uno or talking or singing or watching their performances or eating their cooking creations.  Whatever, it is, I'm always praying that God will shine through me and that they won't see Joanna but that they'll see Jesus and His goodness and love. Around Thanksgiving, I attended their singing competition.  Most of the boys are teens and thus often put on the "I'm too cool to acknowledge you" air, but I know inside they're actually pleased I came.  They may tease and act tough but I've seen the look in their eyes.  They're grateful that someone cares about them enough to drive an hour for their performance.  They're grateful to have someone in the audience.  Many of them don't have