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Wondering who is behind Bloom!?  Well, we're friends and Sisters in Christ.  We're passionate about encouraging girls around the world and living the life Jesus has called us to.  We write, design, photograph, plan, do behind-the-scenes work, pray, and so much more.  We delight in seeing the Lord use Bloom! around the globe and pray that anything we say or do here on the blog will be a blessing and encouragement in your walk with Jesus.

Introducing the staff of Bloom!...

Co-Founder & Writer
Megan is a twentysomething newlywed, public relations professional and a storyteller at heart. She never has more fun than when she's listening to someone's story, writing one, or telling a story through dance. She is passionate about ending sex trafficking and about the role that Christ's church must play in pursuing both justice and redemption. She also cares deeply about creating real and rich communities among women, that together we would understand our worth and value in Christ, and grow in both truth and love. Nothing is better than a cup of tea and a heart-to-heart talk with a girlfriend or five. It's her dearest prayer that Bloom! would be one such community and encouragement to you, lovely visitor!  {check out Megan's articles here and her website here!}

 Co-Founder, Head Manager, Writer & Behind-the-Scenes    
Joanna has a heart for missions, orphans and adventures.  Thanks to God working on her heart during a first mission trip over a decade ago, she has a special love for the outcasts and neglected of the world.  Because of this, she's traveled around the globe to share Jesus and the Gospel, exploring the dirt roads of Romania, Panama and Mexico, among others.  Joanna has been in Taiwan for 4 years now, sharing the Gospel and ministering with orphans and village kids in the island she loves.  When not getting confused over which language to speak (English, Spanish, or Chinese?), she can be found getting swamped with hugs from little ones, doing photography, or making others laugh.  She enjoys drinking banana smoothies, reading Jane Austen and going on adventures with her parents, two brothers, and one sister, Victoria (also on the Bloom! staff), when she is in the States, that is.  Joanna delights in sharing what Christ has done in her life and seeks to live by a quote from William Borden: "No reserves, no retreats, no regrets."  {check out Joanna's articles and photography here!}



Krista is in her twenties and has a love for the Gospel, teaching, traveling and discipleship.  She is currently in graduate school for education, focusing on research to improve educational equity among different student groups.  When she's not teaching in the classroom, she keeps herself busy by spending time with children and elderly folks.  When Krista has free time, she likes to cook and learn different dishes from around the world, knit, play volleyball, read and paint.  She recently started writing cards/letters and sending them through the mail.  Krista grew up going to church as a young child but at eighteen recommitted her life to Christ at a youth retreat.  Since then, Krista embraces living to serve others through Christ and in view of eternity. {check out Krista's articles here!}

Secretary, Poet, Designer & Photographer
Victoria is a 20-year-old junior in college. She attends a small Christian college where she is majoring in Piano Performance. Her favorite classes include piano lessons, Music Theory, and English. When not in class, Victoria can be spotted doing homework, practicing piano, spending time with friends, or reading. She also loves composing poetry and songs. She started creating poems at the age of six, with her poems maturing over the years. Her desire is that people will gain inspiration from her poetry and grow in their walk with Jesus. Some of her favorite Bible passages include Isaiah 40, Psalm 63, and Psalm 27. Lately she has been learning more about the importance of loving and following Jesus and listening to the Holy Spirit.  {check out Victoria's articles, photography, and designs here!}

 photo 966974_558298927526523_532589131_o_zps5ec33d53.jpgPhotographer & Designer
Emily graduated from homeschool in 2012 when she was 16. She spent the next year as a paralegal in a small town law office. Now she is beginning the long road to vet school, and excited to see what God has planned for her as an 19-year-old college sophomore. She lives in the country with her parents, three sisters, and four brothers. When Emily isn’t working on Bloom! articles and photographs, she’s probably studying for school or editing pictures for her photography business. In her spare time she enjoys riding and training horses; tending to the family’s collection of critters (including horses, ponies, goats, chickens, ducks, a calf, and a potbellied pig); enjoying God’s awesome creation; and spending time with good friends and family. Emily knows there will be challenges through her college years, but she also knows that with God all things are possible. Above all else, she seeks to be an example of Christ and live out her life verse: Jeremiah 17:7-8 {check out Emily's articles, photography, and designs here!}

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