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Friday Footprints

Friends Your Age Are Not Enough As author Jaquelle Crowe says, "Yet while having friends of the same age is normal and natural, we miss something special when we don’t have any friends who are of  different  ages than us, particularly in Christian community. Christians share a bond and identity that trumps everything else — job, race, and most definitely age. If there’s no longer Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, there should be neither old nor young ( Galatians 3:28 )."   Click here to see the rest! God bless you this weekend! Joanna, Megan, Krista, Emily & Victoria

Tales from Taiwan #21

Dear Sisters, Should I go or not?  It was getting later in the day and I was running behind schedule.  By the time I would arrive at the village, I’d have an hour or less to spend with the kids.  I weighed my options.  Should I put it off until another week?  Then I remembered the muffins I had baked.  They wouldn’t stay fresh until next week.  So I quickly packed my bags and, praying, set off for the village.  As I came to one house where five of my kids live, I called out hello and heard happy voices screaming my name coming from inside the house.  Smiling, I was glad I had come, no matter how brief this visit might be. This time I didn’t have a Bible story or craft picked out.  I had run out of time, so I only had some small games, a frisbee and blueberry muffins.  On the way over, I prayed that God would continue His work in the hearts of my kiddos here.  I wasn’t sure what that would look like but I know God can do amazing things. We started out playing Uno.