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Author Profile: Mark Cahill

  Bloom! recently had the privilege of talking with author and speaker Mark Cahill.  The Lord has given him a heart for the Gospel and sharing it with others.  By speaking and writing his two books, He desires to encourage believers to be bold in their faith. A note from Joanna:  While on my three and a half month mission trip in Texas, I had the privilege of hearing Mark Cahill speak twice on sharing the Gospel.  Over the years, I've been around the world to do just that, so I was familiar with his topic.  One day after hearing him speak, I was with a friend who doesn’t know Jesus.  As I was sitting next to her, I found my flesh making excuses for why I didn’t have to witness to this friend.  The enemy chimed in, too, “Oh, you’re tired.  Just take it easy.  After all, you’re still recovering from severe allergy reactions and a concussion.  Just smile and don’t say anything.”  At that moment, the Lord brought to mind something I had realized from Mark Cahill’s talks – as a fo

new changes

We're really excited about about the new ways the Lord has been showing us to make Bloom! even better and more encouraging.  Over the next weeks, we'll be introducing new sections here on the webzine and look forward to seeing how they inspire you in your walk with Jesus! As you all know, we posted back in February about needing several girls to help us keep Bloom! flourishing.  After much prayer, several meetings, skype dates, emails, and applications, we're pleased to announce two additions to our volunteer staff here at Bloom! .  We hope and pray that each of you will be blessed, encouraged, and inspired by these girls as Megan and I have. Introducing Victoria Suich, age 15 - Bloom! intern: Poet and Designer I'm very excited to have my younger sister, Victoria, join Bloom! .  Over the years her beautiful poetry has blessed my family and I know the Lord will use it to bless you as well.  Victoria is a joy to be around, quick to cause a smile or play a cheerf

A Prayer: Quest for Grace

Lord, You've given me so much grace, Give me grace in this: That I may learn to do what's right, And in You place full trust. Even in the darkest hour, even in the night, May I do what Love would do, Though no one's looking on but You. When the day is calm and light, When there seems no need for me, Yet may I always fight the fight So none may be out there and see My light turned off and no more bright. Even when those my enemies Gather round to laugh and jeer May only love pour out of me, That they may see Christ here. When my work seems dull or hard And I'm tempted to do less, May I remember Your work on the cross, Hands nailed, face marred. And see in each menial task, Your work to do, a work that lasts. When the world looks down at me, And tries to tempt me with its sin, May I stand, firm, indeed, And with You the fight win. So much grace is needed, Lord, But You'll give me all I need For You said so in Your Word, And I felt it

Beyond Words

I'm not sure what it is about coffee shops, but everyone knows they are excellent places for talking. Turns out, they are also excellent places for listening. The scenario has been repeated over and over in the past few months: I'm sitting across from one of my friends, my hands hugging the cup of Vanilla Roobois tea, and she gives me the gift of her story. Sometimes, her words are memories and moments that teach me a little more about her and help to build our friendship. Sometimes, I'm soaking up wisdom. And other times, she trusts me enough to dare to tell me things she doesn't like to share with other people, to let me see some of the broken pieces in her world. That is such a gift. And I'm learning that the gift to give her in return goes beyond words - it's simply listening. Listening is more than actually hearing what she says; you can listen and understand without giving someone your undivided attention. But listening is about giving her your pre