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Tales from Taiwan #11

Dear sisters, Last Wednesday at the Buddhist orphanage I was supposed to tutor Alex, a third grader I've known since first grade.  As is often the case, several boys got upset at each other and then Alex refused to do any more English work.  Instead he climbed under some desks in the corner of the room and did his math homework instead (hey, can't fault a kid for doing homework!).  So I crawled underneath and joined him.  I just started praying for him and sang "Jesus Loves Me" to him in English while he did math.   We stayed under the desks like this for maybe 20 minutes.  Finally Alex finished his math assignments and got up.  I followed him and asked him if he knew why we came every week.  He just shrugged his shoulders and looked at me.  I smiled and said, "Because we love you!"           Alex would hardly look at me.  I think he's been hurt in the past and so it's harder for him to trust others like this.  I repeated it and told him he bette