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Remembering Jesus at Christmas

  Remembering Jesus at Christmas by Krista Rodriguez It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Malls and various retail establishments have been playing Christmas carols since October. People have started walking more hurriedly than usual and traffic seems to rival that of a snail’s pace. On the other hand, we hear carols and bells chiming more often and our noses easily pick up yummy baking scents – gingerbread, hazelnuts and peppermint. Admittedly, Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year. While there are plentiful reasons for that – the cooler weather, the beautiful hymns and carols, holiday cooking and getting to see people I love – it definitely is my favorite because of Jesus. That sounds so perfect, doesn’t it? I love Christmas because of Jesus. I sing Christmas carols, bake almond biscottis for neighbors and give hot sandwiches to the homeless. I also indulge in holiday decorating and plan many cooking stints in the kitchen. I stress and grow impatient waiting in

Wonder: A Poem

Wonder by Victoria Suich What were You thinking- To scandalize Yourself, Let Your holy feet Touch mud and dusty earth? What were You thinking- To be so shocking, First cry in a stable, To come into the world by such a birth? But oh! when You were born Eternity opened her eyes, And Life awoke in surprise, And Night turned to Morn! A new star gleamed in the sky As You gasped Your first breath, incarnate little Boy. Angels sang the first carol with joy, As Mary hummed Your first lullaby. Your first visitors were no kingly men, But to lowly shepherds did God send The coveted invitation. You who once ruled the seas Came to earth a baby. Where was Your powerful Arm? So fragile then, and small, You could not save Yourself from harm, You could only trust. O my Lord, the beauty of it all! That Your love could know no bounds, No restrictions. Even when You found The road harder still- To the cross.

Christmas: 5 Ways to Serve

  We're excited to start our annual Christmas series here on Bloom! . We hope this series is one that lifts your spirit and encourages you to truly focus on our Savior during this special Christmas season. What pops into your mind when you hear friends talk about Christmas? Christmas parties, decorating cookies, receiving gifts? That magical, nostalgic feeling? Gathering together with family and friends? We love this special holiday. We get together with long distance relatives, bake pies, and sing old Christmas carols. We delight in attending white elephant parties, ice skating, and drinking hot cocoa. It's a lot of fun! But this Christmas, we want to encourage to not just relax and have fun, but to also take advantage of the chance to serve others. During this holiday, you have a huge opportunity to live out the Gospel in a tangible way. Here are five ways to do just that: one. Get involved in your church's special Christmas progra