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Friday Footprints

Where have we been on the web recently?  Here's a few of our favorites: 8 Ways to Be a Witness at Work This article written by a 17-year-old is excellent and right on.  Have a job and wondering how to be salt and light for Christ?  Check out this post by Haley Seba! Clip with a Purpose for Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes That time of the year is coming up again - packing shoeboxes to send around the world and share the Gospel with children!  Do you remember Alina's story from a few years ago?  A shoebox can change a life!  Take a look at this website, Clip with a Purpose , that gives you the heads up on various deals and coupons for shoebox items. In His love, Joanna, Megan, Krista, Emily & Victoria

To know the will of God


Where I'm At: Joanna

A year ago I wrote that I was preparing to move back to Taiwan.  This summer 2015 I came back to the States for the summer and will be heading back to Taiwan shortly.  So much has happened since last year and it's hard to take it all in sometimes.  This time I thought perhaps I could share some snapshots of the past year to give you an idea of where I've been and where God currently has me. ~ learning to find my identity in Christ and not in what others say about me.   I think I would've said, "Sure, my identity is in Christ!" but until this past year, that wasn't as real to me as it is now.  I've learned that just because someone may say something about me, doesn't mean it's true.  I've learned to look upward instead and realize that all that matters is who I am in Christ - loved, forgiven, redeemed, beloved. ~ holding the hands of orphans and praying they will know Jesus.   This is one of my most prayed prayers - for my little orphans w