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Friday Footprints

Here are a few interesting reads for you, Bloom! ladies! What not to Wear  – Fashion and clothing seem to be highly important to women, and this article suggests Biblical guidelines on how to rearrange our wardrobes in a way that primarily glorifies God. Is your busy season becoming a lifetime?  This has definitely become a busy season, and this article is a great reminder on who is the priority in our lives when we are saved and redeemed in Christ’s love. Summer is fast approaching! I hope you ladies enjoy the summer vacation and use every minute for His greater glory whether it be at work, school, home or on out-of-town trips. God bless you!  Krista, Megan, Joanna, Emily & Victoria

Where I'm At: Emily

   I simply love writing these “Where I’m At” articles and I love going back to read them even more because I am able to see where God has led me since the last addition of the article. When I last wrote, it was 4 o’clock and I was in my PJ’s thinking about my approaching 18 th birthday.  Where am I today? Today, I am munching on chocolate-chip-cookies in my comfy chair watching raindrops slide down my bedroom windowpanes on this beautifully gray, rainy day. Despite the gray sky this afternoon, summer is in full swing around the Horton home bringing with it severe weather, heat waves, baseball games, rodeos and trips. In my last article I said, “By my next ‘Where I'm At’ I may be saying, ‘I'm staying home another year.’, or it may even say, ‘I'm going to school in California.’” Neither of those scenarios are the case. In fact, two weeks ago I finished my first year of college. I decided to start school at a small community college about thirty

Tales from Taiwan #8

Dear Sisters, What do you do when a little orphan girl approaches, her little eye patch catching your breath?  Maybe she's three, four years old.  Her bangs wisp over her face, gently touching her navy blue patch with the white polka dots.  I wonder what happened.  Was she born with only one eye, or did she have an accident or disease that took it away?  All I know is that she's precious in God's sight and so my heart reaches out to her.  I give her the biggest smile I can muster up, praying all the way.  One small black eye twinkles back in curiosity as she peers at this foreign girl from America.  I place a gift bag in her palms, telling her in Chinese that it's for her.  She smiles tentatively, whispering "xie xie".  I talk a bit more and she starts to beam.  And I can't help wondering - if  she is like this after only a few minutes, like a magnet to the kindness and love that is shining through me from Him, what would sh

Summer Opportunities!

Does summer always seem to fly by for you?  It's hard to believe that it's already mid May and school is just getting out!   For me, summertime always seems to speed by and the next thing I know, autumn is around the corner.   So this summer, I want to encourage you to take advantage of the extra  free time that often comes along with the season.  While it's wonderful to be able to do things you enjoy like swimming, painting, or reading, don't let your activities rule your summer.  Take some time to share God's love in a powerful way by serving others.  You have the time, so get involved!  The following is a list of opportunities to consider:   ~ get involved in Vacation Bible School ~ help out in your local church ~ go on a mission trip ~ visit the elderly in a nursing home ~ help family and friends - clean the house, babysit, prepare a picnic ~ do random acts of kindness Why not pick one or two (or come up with your own ideas) and use the time and gift