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Book Giveaway

- We have revamped a few things with the blog schedule and we have now crowned Wednesdays to be the official "book day" around here.  Every Wednesday we'll feature book reviews or host a book giveaway.  And today we're starting with a book giveaway! - If you'd like to enter to win an autographed copy of Paperdoll: What Happens When an Ordinary Girl Meets an Extraordinary God by Natalie Lloyd , please follow the instructions below. - 1. Leave a comment on this post and tell us how your family celebrates Easter! - 2. If you'd like to be thrown in the batch a second time for a greater chance of winning, subscribe to the blog (see button at right) and let us know that you did so in your comment. If you're already subscribed, let us know and we'll add you a second time as well. - 3. And if you'd like to be thrown in the batch a third time, post about the giveaway on your blog and make sure to leave us a link to your post. - One entry per p

Quotations: A Scent of Eden

- "The resurrection of Jesus is a sign of God's purpose and power to restore his creation to its full stature and integrity...In the aftermath of Gethsemane, we catch a scent of Eden...The resurrection is like the first day of a new creation." Alister McGrath -

The Art of Spiritual Journaling

- And we're back! Thanks for your patience while we took a brief hiatus. We're back to posting regularly and we have some exciting new stuff planned for the weeks ahead (including a few book giveaways!), so check back again throughout the week. - Also, a note: if you're a reader and would like your blog added to our sidebar, please leave us a comment or e-mail us. We're hoping to start a list of links on our sidebar of all of our readers' blogs. - - I have never been much of a journaler. I have always been very much a future thinker and would rather write a list of goals rather than recount the events of a past day or flesh out my confusing emotions on paper. But within the past year or two I have been discovering the art of journaling as a spiritual discipline, discovering that journaling has the power to broaden my understanding of God, to help me find the splendor in the ordinary, and to help me see more clearly God's grace at work in my life. - No