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Half the World


Seeking God in a Busy World

    "Are you busy?"           I may not know you, I've probably never met you, but I know how you'll answer that question. We're all busy. You're busy. I'm busy. The world is busy. No one has time for anything, especially the things that matter most. We're all running ourselves ragged, day after day, and waking up every morning realizing we are just as far behind as we were the day before. When will it end? When will things finally settle down? More importantly, what are we spending all of this time on?        I once saw an acronym for the word "busy": Being Under Satan's Yoke. My mother likes to remind me of this one often. Trust me, I need that reminder. The point is, if you're always "busy", you'll convince yourself, be it consciously or subconsciously, that you don't have time for the things that matter most. I'm pretty sure one of Satan's number one tools is distraction through busyness.  

Tales from Taiwan #10

(I've actually been back in Taiwan since the end of August but it's been crazy busy so I'm just now writing an update of what God is doing here!) Dear Sisters, Isn't it funny how we pray for things and then are surprised when God answers our prayers?  It's like we know God is big and powerful and almighty, but then when we pray, we kinda don't expect Him to truly answer our prayers.  That's something God has been showing me recently - sometimes I catch myself praying and then not really expecting my Jesus to answer.  How silly is that?!   But even last week, some friends and I went to an aboriginal village where some of our former students live.  We prayed that God would not only allow us to see our students, but that He would also let us see a lot of people. Well, we drove into the village and saw all these people walking on the road and I just started laughing.  Here we had prayed we would "see a lot of people" and here they were, right