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an ordinary Friday

An inch long nail rests on my bedside table.   It looks out of the ordinary, I have to admit.   And yet, I leave it.  I even smile as I walk by and see it.   Do you remember in the Old Testament how God would have the Israelites, at various times, build an altar to remember something He did or said?   Well, that nail is like an altar, so to speak, because… One ordinary Friday this fall, I was outside walking when suddenly I heard an odd clicking noise.   I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from since every time I stopped moving, the noise also stopped.   After looking all over, I lifted my shoe and to my horror, discovered that I had stepped on a rusty nail!     I extricated it from my shoe and examined my foot.     I expected pain and felt none.   I expected blood and saw none.   Shaking my head in amazement, I smiled and thanked God that somehow the nail had gone through my tennis shoe, but not through my foot!   Seeing as the nail was one inch and how my shoe was bui