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Misconception #1 - The Dresser

Misconception #1: the dresser You have probably seen her before. She is primly dressed in one of those tent-like dresses, covered from head-to-toe in an ugly fabric. She sits all day reading her Bible and grimly quoting Scriptures. People would say that she is a good Bible memorizer, but doesn’t know how to appropriately live out what she is speaking. So, the other week we talked briefly about three of the major misconceptions surrounding Biblical womanhood.  Today we are going to take a look at what God says about Misconception #1, the Dresser. The Dresser tends to get stuck on the appearance of things.  She wants to look as if she knows the Bible and therefore will tend to look the part of a Biblical least, what some think is characteristic of a Biblical woman  Most likely she will be able to spout off many Bible verses, but something really important is actually missing from her life - genuinely loving the Lord and His book and truly desiring to live it

Friday Footprints

Some of our favorite links from this month... The Rebelution has been "dusted off" and is back!  As many of you may know, we were "spotlighted" in Alex and Brett Harris' book Do Hard Things which came out in April 2008.  Really, a lot of what we do here on Bloom! is closely knit with The Rebelution and doing hard things for the glory of God, so we're excited that the Harrises are getting the blog back up and running! We also wanted to highlight six year anniversary of The Modesty Survey , done by The Rebelution back in 2007. This survey, taken by over 1,600 Christian guys, covers a wide variety of topics - everything from swimsuits to what guys think of girls who dress modestly. The Modesty Survey is a fabulous, informative resource for us as we seek to honor God and encourage our Brothers in Christ! Lastly, we'd like to request prayer for and alert you about Gary , an orphan in China who will  "age out" of the system when he turn

Biblical Womanhood: 3 Misconceptions

Biblical womanhood. It's something we are passionate about here at Bloom! . The next few weeks we are going to spend delving more into Biblical womanhood and what it really means for us as followers of Christ. There is a reason that we put "Biblical" in there with "womanhood" in our motto. We could've just simply left it at "Encouraging girls on their journey towards womanhood", but that wouldn't fully capture the heart of Bloom!. You see, our heart is for you girls - young and old - to learn, grow, and thrive as you are on this journey of womanhood - Jesus' way. This means that we reject the world's misconceptions and instead follow the King's ways. Before we jump into the first post and see what Scripture has to say on the subject, I thought it would be helpful to take a quick look at three misconceptions that often wrongly color our view of what real Biblical womanhood really is: Misconception #1: the dresser

what's on our bookshelf

Joanna In the Arena by Isobel Kuhn - First published in 1960, this book follows the life of missionary Isobel Kuhn as she seeks to make Christ known in rural China during the Japanese invasion. A Gospel Primer for Christians by Milton Vincent - Filled to the brim with the Gospel - the Good News - this is a gem of a book to read, ponder, pray through and daily live out. Megan The Meaning of Marriage, by Tim Keller - an excellent book regardless of your relationship status. Keller wisely examines our cultural opinions and perceptions of marriage, then takes us back to the Bible to understand again it's different and glorious purpose, and finally offers counsel on relationships that honor God. Mended: Pieces of a life made whole, by Angie Smith - a book based off of some of her most popular articles on her blog. Angie combines daily life, a thirst for God's word, and a quick wit in these devotional-esque chapters that will make you think and see your favori