The Shadow of His Scars

Over the past few years, Megan and I have had the privilege of getting to know Rebecca Woodbury, a high school senior who hails from the Southwest. Today she shares with us a poem she wrote this past year.
The world is a sorry place, my dear,
Full of pain and want and fear;
Of empty hands stretched trembling out,
Eyes left hollow by famine and drought.
Oh, the pangs of the masses’ tomorrow,
For we know, darling, it holds only sorrow.
What will you do to heal their souls?
How will you help to make them whole?
Your arms are full of the roses of life,
Your cheeks unblemished by hate or by strife;
Let the love pour forth from your spirit,
Sing hope and beauty to any who will hear it.
Rock crying babies to sleep in your arms,
Hold back fright and quiet alarms.
Speak in peace and love what is right,
Cherish humility and walk in the light.
For until you and I – until we rise up,
And let the world drink from Christ’s cup:
Until we touch each heart with His grace,
No happy future can bless this place.
For only in the shadow of His bloody scars,
Can we ever sleep in the shade of the stars.


  1. This has practically become my life poem. Thank you for sharing it!


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