Friday Footprints

A trace of where we've been on the web this week . . .
The Dark Hores: Joan of Arc, Elliot Smith, and Me
Another excellent article by Christian writer and songwriter Jon Foreman. "You can't be a hero without adversity. Every knight has his dragon to slay, every Joan of Arc has her Hundred Year War. Failure and opposition award us opportunities that success and support cannot."
We'll be taking the week off from blogging next week, but we'll be back to regular posting on June 28. Thanks for your patience and happy summer to you all!
grace & peace,
Jessina, Megan, and Joanna


  1. I love the article by Jon Foreman, and hope to read the other recommendations, too. :)

  2. I have awarded you the Sunshine Award :)
    God Bless. :)

    Jessica B.

    See here:


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