Bloom! Favorites: Music Edition

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 Several of you mentioned last week that you'd like to see some more music reviews on the blog. So we decided today to share some of our current favorite music albums. Please feel free to share your own favorites in the comments!

1 Painted Red by JJ Heller
It is no secret that JJ Heller is currently my favorite music artist. I love this album's indie sound along with its beautiful and contemplative lyrics. Save Me and All I Need are probably my two favorite songs from the album. And, by the way, JJ Heller is coming out with a new album on October 19 - be excited! (Jessina)

2 Seasons EPs by Jon Foreman
Jon Foreman, whose articles we have linked to around here before, has four different EPs based on the four seasons. The majority of his songs have a melancholy and reflective sound as well. Two of my favorites are House of God Forever and The Cure for Pain. (Jessina)

3 The Light Meets the Dark and Over and Underneath by Tenth Avenue North
If I had to pick a favorite artist right now, it would be Tenth Avenue North. I love that their lyrics are honest and thought-provoking and always point me back to the truth, and I love their sound. All of their songs are amazing - which is why I couldn't choose just one album - but Healing Begins and Let It Go top my list right now. (Megan)

4 Songs from the Heart by Celtic Woman
Celtic Woman isn't a Christian group, but they create stunningly beautiful music. These Irish sopranos sing new and old classics, ranging from Danny Boy to Somewhere Over the Rainbow and You Raise Me Up. On this album, my two favorite songs have to be Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears and their gorgeous version of Amazing Grace. (Megan)

5 It Is Well by Kutless
I love how Kutless blends great (and well-known) worship songs with lesser-known songs and some new ones they've written. My two favorites? What Faith Can Do - an encouraging, upbeat song - and I'm Still Yours, a deeper but beautiful song that wrestles with what we would do if God took everything away. (Megan)

6 Faithfully by Eric and Leslie Ludy
Awhile back a friend told me about the Ludy's music and I've been hooked ever since. Their beautiful, God-honoring songs inspire me to wait on my Heavenly King for His perfect timing for my own love story. Some of my favorites are I Surrender and Dreams. (Joanna)

7 In Christ Alone by Keith and Kristyn Getty
Whenever I hear Jesus, Draw Me Ever Nearer and Speak, O Lord , I realize anew why they top my favorites from the Getty's album. Those particular songs refresh my spirit, especially when I'm discouraged. (Joanna)

8 Valley of Vision by Sovereign Grace Music
I love how Sovereign Grace's lyrics are beautifully scripted with bits from the Bible. Songs like In the Valley and The Precious Blood always encourage me in my walk with my Savior. (Joanna)


  1. Thank you a million! I can't wait to start looking into all of these!

  2. I love 'In Christ Alone'! It's an awesome song!


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