Friday Footprints


We apologize for disappearing for a little while! But come back Monday and we'll be back to our regular posting schedule. In the meantime, here's a trace of where we've been on the web this week for your weekend reading!

Why I'm Scared of Community & Why I Need It

Bonnie Gray writes on (in)courage about real community and what it means: "True spiritual community is based on a spiritual connection to One Friend who unconditionally approves of us. Contrast this with human community, which is a social network of friends based on mutual approval. This type of community is based on our expectations of how we think people should interact with us, with God, and others."
Fighting For Life
Lila Rose is a 22-year-old woman doing great things. For the past four years, she has appointed herself an undercover investigator to expose Planned Parenthood. Here, she writes a bit about her experiences.
Experiencing the Resurrection Life
Josh Harris has a few great quotes (from the book Lifted) on what the Resurrection means.

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