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A trace of where we've been on the web this week...
Doubt's Beauty
Robin Dance writes this beautiful post over at (in)Courage about questioning God: "Paradoxically and mysteriously, the way faith often functions, God redeemed what I considered 'counter-Godly' to be used to bring me closer to him." A must-read.
Lessons on the Sanity of Friendship
Nicki has a great little article up on She Seeks about some of the things she's learned about being a good friend. And don't miss Shannon's follow-up video, where she talks about learning your friendship style.
The Disease Called "Perfection"
Ever feel like you have to wear a mask and pretend to measure up to everyone and everything...just so people don't find out that you really don't? This is a stunning article by Single Dad Laughing shows what a dangerous and tragic thing this really is - and how much it has infested every corner of our society. I'm not sure whether he's writing this from a Christian viewpoint or not, so bear that in mind. But please read it, because the message is desperately needed. And then read his follow-up, The Cure for Perfection. And thank God for the grace and freedom to be real, because He's already lived that perfect life for us!
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  1. I liked 'Lessons on the Sanity of Friendship.' I've been thinking a lot about friendship since moving across country, particularly learning how to be loving to all but realize that there's a closeness that you can only offer to a few- which is a new thing for me as in my home town it was a lot simpler- I found kindred spirits in so many. God's been teaching me how to find my friendship and fulfillment foremost in Him, and not change myself to fit into the "Typical Teen with 'Christian' tacked on" ideal set up all about me here. And as a result I've been learning the art of merely being friendly to all- which brings a lot of friends from a lot of surprising places, and being true in order to gain true friends. And it really is fulfilling! So, as I said above, friendship has really been on my mind, thanks for posting that link!


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