Quotations: Setting Your Affections Above


The true cure for a dull memory in religion, is to get deeper love toward Christ, and affections more thoroughly set on things above. We do not readily forget the things we love, and the objects which we keep continually under our eyes. The names of our parents and children are always remembered. The face of the husband or wife we love is engraved on the tablets of our hearts. The more our affections are engaged in Christ’s service, the more easy shall we find it to remember Christ’s words. The words of the apostle ought to be carefully pondered: “We ought to give the more earnest heed to the things which we have heard, lest at any time we should let them slip.” (Heb. 2:1.)
J.C. Ryle


  1. How thoroughly true. I've been learning recently that scripture memorization, which only takes a little bit of time every week, greatly helps me to set my affections above. And it doesn't just stop at memorization- prayerful meditation is what gets to work in your heart. It's like memorization puts the ingredients in, and meditation is what gets it cooking. And even if you just memorize a verse or two a week, come the end of the year- you know a lot more than you did before! I greatly encourage my sisters in the faith to give it a try.



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