Quotations: Wrapped Up in Yourself



  1. I sort of have a problem with the other way around... :-(

    Yes, I like the actual message of the quote, but it's not well worded at all.

    Frankly, I just want to be honest. I want to make sure "Bloom" doesn't become "Gloom", or, worse, "Doom". Sorry if I am like a party pooper this week. Maybe next week will be better.

    Overall, however, Bloom is very helpful.

  2. Hey Alex,

    Thanks for your honest comments.

    The whole point of the quote is to simply provide something to make you think and examine your walk with the Lord. It's definitely not about "doom" or "gloom".

    And for sure, no worries about Bloom! becoming "Gloom" or "Doom".

    No way.

    We'll always, always, always be about God's love to us, wretched sinners who have been saved by God's grace through faith.

    And that sure is worth celebrating this Christmas!

  3. Just wanted to pop in and say, Merry Christmas all! And I'm positive 'Bloom' will never be 'Gloom', haha. Every post causes me to pause and reflect, and lifts my heart on high. And that's the ultimate!


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