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This week's question...

What do you consider to be one of the toughest things that young people today (in the Western world) struggle with? Is there a way to remedy it?


  1. We struggle with feeling unloved. Whether it's by God or others, we want to feel like someone loves and cares for us. When we don't feel like we are cared or loved, we act out. We try to find love in all the wrong places. We get mad and do wrong things. Sadly even in the christian community we have taught that in order to be loved we must do the right things. And if we don't perform we are shut out and we think that God shuts us out too.
    But God never does. He loves us. No matter what we have done, He is ready to forgive. And He loves us. When we know that we are loved by God in the core of our being, we will love others with that same kind of love. When we live in this kind of love, we are filled to overflowing with love it will spill over to others. Then we will be loved by others.
    It takes a lifetime to learn how to be loved and to love this way. But it is the best journey I ever decided to take.

  2. Le lien est brisé. Correction:
    Mon entrée est située au:

    Quant à Rose H, ce que tu dis est très ravissant! Par contre, que serait le remède pour cela, au juste? Que devrait-on faire pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas Jésus? Enfin, que penses-tu de mon idée?

    Que Dieu bénisse le groupe!

  3. I think entitlement and complacency is a major issue in the Western World today. We live in a society that tells us to think about ourselves, take care of ourselves, look out for ourselves - it's all about us. Television, books, radio, magazines, popular media all tell us that we should spend more time, money, etc. on ourselves, our wants, desires, and passions. There is no mainstream voice calling out for moderation, selflessness, or inhibition. Rather, the call is to give in to our desires, do what makes us happy, and live to bring immediate pleasure. If it feels good, do it! This seems to be the rallying cry today.

    Being surrounded by a world that tells us to do what we want, when we want, and to not worry about the consequences fosters a sense that we are entitled to whatever we want whenever we want it. We are told that this is what freedom is. This attitude then leads to less responsibility take for actions, less accountability, problems with patience and self-control.

    Though this exact attitude may not be prevalent in all youth today, the message itself is prevalent, and is attractive. Who wouldn't want to feel that they can give in to temptation without having to worry about the cost?

    Though it may sound trite, God is the only solution. It is only when we learn to love and obey Him that we learn what true freedom really is. The world offers us only hollow pleasures that are temporary at best, and most often destructive. God's love and truth gives us guidelines and laws that are meant to curb our impulses so that we can see the true pleasures and joys. The world wants us to give in to pleasure because it feels good now. God wants us to live in obedience because it offers lasting peace and perfect joy. To combat this attitude of selfishness, we must be willing to be selfless in our obedience - to reflect the beauty of our Lord in the darkness.

  4. I feel like purity is one of the biggest things we struggle with. Not just sexual purity either. We fight (or don't fight) impurities every day. Are we keeping ourselves pure when we judge someone, cheat on a test, allow ourselves to be consumed by desire for whatever our latest obsession is, when we have bad attitudes, when we simply don’t care anymore? When we give in, to any of these things, we allow ourselves to be tainted, un-pure.
    We are called to be blameless and pure in the sight of God, and we are human so of course we don’t always make it there- but do you really try to be pure for Him? Do you put your efforts into keeping your heart a pure place for him to reside?

  5. I think that the skewed worldview being taught in most secular universities is hurting young people. I think a lot of kids who grew up in a church setting are sent out into the liberal academic world unprepared to defend their faith against repeated attacks. I think that's part of the reason why a lot of kids shut down to God, or lose their faith altogether.

    I think the way to remedy this is to prepare kids before they leave home for the attacks that against heir faith that they will encounter. I think it's important to not shelter kids too much from the real world, but to instead give them the ammunition they will need to battle an unbiblical worldview.


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