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Here are some links to lift your spirit and boost your weekend!

Breezy Brookshire, in her blog A Bowl of Moss and Pebbles, pens an encouraging article appropriate for the new year. In it, she writes, "I often ask myself—when I need clarity, when I need to reevaluate, when I need to once again find that spot on the horizon—I ask, “What do I really want?” What are my motives? Do they honor God? Are they fine things to desire, but not the best? What “best” does God want me to pursue?" To read the rest, click here.

in His love,
Joanna, Jessina, and Megan


  1. Oh, thank you for each of these! They inspired me afresh. :) Now I've some lovely thoughts to chew on this weekend.

  2. Speaking of the print version of Bloom- will it ever be out again? I only got one issue before the online version started- but I've read it a million times over. I, and even some others of spoken to, wouldn't even mind if you'll have to pay to subscribe- I'm sure it was very taxing to make it available for free. Though, of course I understand that you want to make the message available to many. But I liked before, how the magazine came, but there was still plenty to be read online. Anyways, I was just curious about the whole ordeal...
    And I just love Bloom in general!
    The path of biblical girlhood has been quite lonely for me. Thanks for being here.

  3. Courtship is interesting, but i'm not too sure about how well it works... :S

    Perhaps i will find out after reading the story! adds this on to-do list

  4. Thank you for sharing that wonderful love story! It is so good to have just such a reminder of how amazing life can be when we shift our focus from ourselves and the world and focus it on God. The encouragement is greatly appreciated!

  5. I remember reading that chunk. It was a very good allegory.

  6. Sunshine,

    If you (and any others who would like) would send e-mail us (go to "contact" page), I'd be glad to send you the PDF links to a few other issues of the magazine.

    As for when it will come out again in print, I'm not sure if or when that will be. We'll see what the Lord has in store, eh?

    Thanks for your kind words of encouragement!

    In Christ alone,


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