Quotations: fill every part


When God asks for our heart, He asks for all of it. He wants to fill every part with Himself. He completes us. Only when we are satisfied in Him will we be able to selflessly give our lives for others. We need to put up a sign that says "No Vacancies." Except we don't need a sign - others will notice simply by our lives. They can see if our heart has voids and is unfulfilled, seeking attention from others, or if we are filled with Jesus, overflowing with love and joy, and seeking to spread His light everywhere we go.

~ Sarah Mally, author of Before You Meet Prince Charming


  1. I love this. So true that God should be our all in all. I'm still working on that, but God continues to help me.

  2. I love it when scripture or literature challenge us to live up to a higher standard rather than settling. So often we are lead to believe that because something is difficult or even downright impossible that it is not worth striving for. I would rather experience the blessings as I seek to live a life like Christ and fail than to live a complacent and uninspired life. Thank you for sharing this with us!


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