Friday Footprints


A few links to boost your weekend!

Breezy Brookshire writes, "As a pillar in the home, you carry more weight of influence on our shoulders than you realize. The attitude of “I wish I could be somewhere else, fulfilling my dreams” is a perilous atmosphere for those dwelling inside the palace. If we allow discontentment to creep into our hearts and rot from the inside out, we cast shadows of quarreling, whining, unrest, and gloom on our families, where instead there should be contentment, industry, and joy." Continue reading the rest.

Ever wish you could find articles that present science from a Biblical perspective? Well, Answers in Genesis does just that - and a lot more! So head over to their website and check out the articles, store, devotions, and everything else. AiG is a great resource for us, as believers, to find information on God's beautiful creation and to keep up-to-date on the latest findings and happenings.

Stay strong in Jesus!

Joanna, Jessina, and Megan


  1. Loved Breezy's post! Her writings are always thoughtful and inspiring. :) I'll have to check out 'Answers in Genesis' when I've a bit more time...


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