Quotations: His Word



  1. J'essaie de lire la Bible quotidiennement, mais ce n'est pas toujours évident de se motiver! :(

    Le site www.Bible1An.com m'aide, mais les différences de fuseaux horaires me mélangent un peu…

    Et vous, les filles, lisez-vous la Bible quotidiennement? Utilisez-vous une ressource "lire la Bible en 1 an", ou préférez-vous lire à votre rhythme?

  2. Hey Alex, I use this program for reading through the Bible in the year: four chapters in the old testament, one chapter in the new testament, every day. But- God has recently been altering my perspective as to how to read the Bible. I use the program as my outline, so I've got readings going in both old and new testament, but I don't hold to that like concrete. I once heard the Bible described as an ocean: You can skim over the surface, in a hurry just to get across. Or you can take your time, and delve below, and search for the pearls beneath, and find treasure. This quote quite sums it up!
    Sorry I don't respond in french- I'd be here awhile. :)


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