a book carousel

Today it's "book day" here on the blog, so I thought we'd have a little carousel of books...

~Megan's reviews on some fiction and non-fiction favorites

~Jessina's current reading list and her thoughts

~Joanna's list of wholesome reading, including all genres

So there you go! Enjoy this book carousel and go delve into a fabulous book!


  1. Un beau carousel avec trois "jumeaux"... pensez a Secretariat! :)

    Les livres sont-ils pour les gars, les filles ou les deux?

  2. Hey all, it's been awhile! I'm without internet right now, but whenever I can steal away to the library, I do check in on Bloom!



  3. And you have won the Stylish Blog Award. Go to www.homemadeministry.blogspot.com for more information.

  4. "Juments", not "jumeaux", is what i meant to say in my comments.

    i make spelling mistakes sometimes. :O Please let me know if my comments do not make sense. It was a mistake.


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