Conversations: Edition Twenty One


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This week's question...

What ideas and materials have you found to be the most effective while evangelizing?


  1. These tracts called "Do you know for certain?" are very useful and explain the Gospel with verses, words and illustrations. Also the Outreach Diagram. I took a class at church to learn how to share it and it is a really cool way of drawing out the Gospel and talking about it step-by-step with Bible verses as support.

  2. For kids, I like the color charts; gold stands for Heaven, dark stands for sin, etc. Otherwise, I think handing out free bottles of water is a great conversation starter. People ask you why on earth you're giving it away for free, and there's your door; walk through it.

  3. I've found that the most effective thing is simply developing a real, authentic and open friendship with people, creating an environment where they can see God's work in my life and those areas where I struggle. I find friendship allows people to feel more open to asking questions and having conversations. I try to simply answer them honestly and let God work through that.

  4. There are so many different ways to evangelize, and I believe that God can use them all for His glory, but I personally perfer building relationships firstrather than going up to strangers, mainly as a sign that I am genuinely interested in their lives, not just going up to them to fill some quota. But again, I've seen God work is every situation.

  5. I just learned about the wordless book a few weeks ago, and it's definitely changed (for lack of a better word). Other than that, I really try to build strong relationships, and work towards sharing my testimony, and bringing other close, Christian friends into the mix to hang out with.


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