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The deal: Each Thursday, we announce a question of the week. We seek to ask questions that spark interesting conversations, whether it simply be about books, traditions, spiritual disciplines, more theological matters, or anything related to life in general. You can join in our conversations two ways:

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This week's question...

If you could meet up with one Biblical person (besides Jesus) for a day and ask any questions, who would it be? What would you seek to learn from them?


  1. i would want to talk to Adam and Eve, ask them all about what the world was like before the fall,

  2. It would be Ruth. She's such a strong example of faithfulness and obedience. I'd just like to know more about her experiences and perceptions of trusting God and His bringing about her meeting Boaz.

  3. I would talk to Anna, and ask her how she came to be so disciplined in prayer and serving others in the temple. She was an amazing woman of faith!

  4. I would have to say either Ruth to.. Her willingness to leave her family and everything she knows to follow God..

  5. It's so hard to decide! I think I'm leaning toward Martha (of Mary and Martha) though, because of her childlike amazement and facsination at what Jesus had to say.

  6. I think I would talk to King Hezekiah, his faith and steadfastness in the Lord is a miracle considering his previous ancestors. He is one of my favorite Biblical figures.

  7. I would talk to David. Even though he made mistakes and sinned. He also repented and was left a legacy that is unprecedented. He loved God. He was a man who had a heart that ran after God with everything that it had.
    That is something that I want. I would ask him to tell me what he learned. Maybe we could worship together.

  8. I would like to talk to Solomon. Just to listen and learn from the wisest man who ever lived.


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