Friday Footprints

Between spring break for Jessina and Megan, and teaching in a Christian school in an Indian reservation for Joanna, we've been rather busy! We're hoping to get back into the swing of posting soon, though. In the meantime, here are a few links to brighten your day!

The recent earthquakes and tsunami in Japan have been all over the news lately. This afternoon I watched some footage of entire villages and cities disappear. It was heartbreaking. Anna from Hope Road, writes about the recent disasters in Japan and God's goodness. Head on over to her blog and read her worthwhile post.

If you enjoy seeing God's beautiful world through photographs, then check out a fairly new blog called Six Angles! Six Angles is composed of six different photographers from around the States who show life uniquely through their lens. Their pictures give a reminder of how sometimes the "ordinary" things are extraordinary through God's eyes!

Have a great weekend! Remember to smile - because wherever you go, you're a light for Jesus!

Joanna, Jessina, & Megan


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