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Today I stumbled upon an article "Teach Your Daughters Wailing" and the title caught my attention, so I checked it out.  Ann Dunagan writes, "As Christian women (of all ages), we need to allow ourselves to see the big needs of this world, especially those that concern women, and girls, and children . . . like teenage pregnancy, abortion, pornography, the plight of orphan children, child slavery, human trafficking (especially of young girls), hurting and broken hearts, neglected children, and so many unsaved women and lost children who desperately need the love of Jesus.

Many of these are feminine needs that should “pull” on the God-given “nurturing” and life-giving hearts of our daughters. In this next generation, it’s going to take a mighty army of godly daring daughters to minister to these needs..."

Read all of Ann's article here.  What do you think?

Til next week,
Joanna, Jessina, & Megan


  1. wow, i totally agree. it is so important for us as Christians to act! we can't just pretend like this all doesn't exist. God could have pretended like sin didn't exist, He wouldn't have had to send His Son to die for us. but He didn't. He decided to act on the problem, so He saved us from our sins!! btw, i have a blog ( which deals with the issue of abortion if anyone is interested:) thanks so much for sharing this!


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