Conversations: Edition Twenty Seven


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This week's question...

What do you think of when you hear the word "grateful" (as several of you referred to in leper lady's story)?  How could we, as followers of Jesus, exemplify gratitude more in our lives?


  1. "In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you". This verse is one that I've noticed in the past couple of days and I don't believe we obey it. 'In everything' means when the care breaks down, it's raining and we're late for work - give thanks. When we have two sick kids an company coming - give thanks. When the toughest teacher in the university is assigned to your class - give thanks. This isn't because God wants us randomly saying "Thank you", but because we know - or we should know - that God is in control, He knew it would happen and He still knows what's happening. We can give thanks for that at least. And, once we start giving thanks, it's easy to keep going and find reasons to!

  2. Content, and thankful in everything.

  3. Grateful- learning to give thanks despite circumstances. Learning to give thanks for all you have and focusing on all we DO have instead of all we dont' have that we want. Realizing how blessed we truly are!

  4. Grateful - thankfulness shown when someone has done you a huge favor you can't repay.
    similar to Jesus dying on the cross, forgiving all our sins, and paying all our debts. that's the picture that comes into my mind when i hear the word 'grateful'.
    I am grateful.


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