The Word that's an Ambassador

My friend Marie (author of "Song of Joy"  ) sent me this fun riddle that she recently composed.  See if you can figure out the word and then, with God's grace, live it out each day!

The Word that's an Ambassador
by Marie Lemelin

It causes lovely dispositions
And this is not just superstition,
That when given away to a grump,
A smile will come and the frown will be stumped,

Children love it and old people too
And all the ages in between – no not a few,
It’s a fact of life that seems to grow,
How it happens I don’t really know,

The savor is sweet though the cost is great
And somehow it is never too late,
It is found on every continent,
And in order to use it, it requires commitment,

It crosses boundaries made by tongue
For it knows every language under the sun,
And when regularly given to even the meanest man
His heart will be changed like nothing else can,

Some folks think it’s old-fashioned to see,
But it’s not illegal yet and never will be,
For it is something that sensibility understands,
And something that enriches and betters all lands,

One more word of small advice,
It’s something that can’t be given in slice,
You must give all or nothing, my friend,
And stick with till the very end,

Now that I have your curiosity piqued,
And this elusive word has across your brain sneaked,
You must stop and ponder the message of this poem,
And once you figure out what it is – take the message home.

What am I?


  1. I thought the answer might be love as well. :)

  2. Love is a good guess (when my friend shared it, I guessed that as well). Marie told me that kindness flows out of love, so you must have that as well!

    However, the answer is "kindness".


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