Graceful Words: Book Edition

We've hardly begun to talk about grace - what it is, what it means, how we can become channels of grace to others. There is so much more to talk about, and a lifetime of learning and seeing and being ahead of us.

I know so little of it myself. But we hope that these last few posts have given you some things to think and wonder and pray about.

And since we know you love to read as much as we do - we can't end this series without a nod to some books and blogs on grace. I think we've mentioned them all before - but here are three books worth checking out:

What's So Amazing About Grace? by Philip Yancey
I can't quite write about this book, because it's still on my "to-read" list. But Philip Yancey's books are very readable, filled with true stories and sound theology. So I'm recommending it anyway.

Grace is for Sinners, by Serena Woods
She had an affair with her best friend's husband, and in the span of three weeks managed to ruin more lives than she could imagine. And there was nothing she wouldn't do to reverse her actions. And yet, when every Christian friend she had turned their backs on her - or twisted Scripture to say she could never be forgiven - she found grace and mercy at the foot of the cross, and the promise that grace is for sinners. And we are all sinners. Her blog is worth checking out as well, filled with words of grace and wisdom.

Craving Grace by Lisa Velthouse
I know, we just recommended this earlier in the summer. But seriously, it's good. Lisa's memoir approaches grace in the opposite way: this is the story of a "good girl" realizing that no matter how hard she tried, her goodness wasn't enough. She followed all the rules and made up a few extra ones to boot. But life was empty, she was tired of trying - and this is her story of falling into grace and finding that not only did she need it, too, but it was exactly what her life was missing. Lisa has a lovely blog as well - click here to visit!

What are your thoughts? We'd love to continue the conversation in the comments section! (And we promise, we'll actually reply and be faster about moderating the comments this time around!)


  1. Thank you so much for the book suggestions! I have been looking for some good Christian books to read. I love to read but I just keep running out of material and a lot of the books that are published today for my age are bad. (Well, not really bad but not things I would like)


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