The Real Gospel

If you're like me, you've heard of many watered down "Gospels", like the "prosperity Gospel" (i.e. the false teaching that when you come to Christ, He'll bless you abundantly always, things will always go well with you, you'll have whatever you want financially, good health, etc.). 

But that's not the real thing.  We know Scripturally that God doesn't always give us what we want (but He always works it all out for good - Romans 8:28), nor do believers always have large bank accounts.  After all, I know many fervent and authentic believers around the world that often don't know when their next meal will come. 

So we definitely know that Jesus didn't teach the "prosperity Gospel" - that things will always go well with us (take a look at His disciples - all but one were martyred ruthlessly!).  He taught grace.  As Megan said, we certainly don't deserve God sending Jesus to die an ugly death on a rugged, bloody cross (1 Peter 2:24).  We don't deserve Someone else taking our place.  My place.  Your place.

But that's the real thing!  And that's grace.

Sometimes I catch myself thinking,"Yeah, yeah, I know all that."  And I walk away.  Then I realize something - the Gospel shouldn't be ordinary or just "nice".  It's not a "I'll think of this once and then live my own life" kind of thing. 

It's the Holy Spirit convicting me of sin and showing me I need a Savior. 

It's Jesus rescuing me from my filthy sins. 

It's God adopting me as His child. 

It's me living radically for Him.

That's why I want to share this video entitled "The Gospel" by the Ellerslie Mission Society (a ministry of authors Eric and Leslie Ludy).  It's a beautifully choreographed video, powerfully showing the Gospel as God intended it, not that prosperity stuff or watered down version, but the real, true Gospel:




And oh so much more!


  1. Wow, that was amazing! I get very upset when the Church in our country today dumbs down the Gospel because they think it will get more "converts". But real Christians are going to be willing to not dumb down the Gospel and it looks so much better and attractive like this instead of a God that everyone thinks of like a jolly old grandpa who just takes us on his knee and bounces us around! (don't get me wrong, God does do that sometimes, but He also wants us to be His warriors in the world!) Thanks so much for sharing this video!

    In Christ,



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