{We apologize for our abrupt absence from the blog!  Various things kept us busy - like moving back to college for two of us and serving with a Christian organization for myself...We're hoping to get back to normalcy soon.  And now, without further ado, here is something to cheer your day and refresh your spirit!}

Out of the Desert
by Marie Lemelin

Thirsty—throat aching for water,
Faint—I stumble through a barren land
Hot—I tremble from a burning sun
Is there no one to lend me a helping hand?

Mocking—mirages rise to taunt
Water—blue lake lies cool
Oasis—the tall trees bend slender
I blink and know that I’m a fool.

Falling—I give in to weakness
Despair—etched in hollowness of soul
Crying—tears track down my cheeks
All of my heart yearns to be made whole.

Caught—I feel a tender grasp
Carried—strong arms lifting me
Behold—an Old Rugged Cross stands
Releasing my shame I am free.

Refreshed—I look for the Wellspring
Found—in the blood of the Lamb
Cleansed—I rise up forgiven,
My sins gone; whole I stand.

Captured—by Love so abundant
Amazed—by the grace shown to me
Redeemed—I follow His pathway
Jesus is still setting souls free!


  1. Oh, hello! I'm glad you're back :)
    That is such a beautiful poem... I think I'm going to print it out and put it up on my wall. The verse I particularly identify with is the falling... despair... crying... verse. That is me right now, but the rest of the poem is the hope and Joy I have in Christ that I can access right now... What a blessing!
    Hope you are all enjoying the new things in this season of your lives - college and ministry.


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