A Prayer: Quest for Grace

Lord, You've given me so much grace,
Give me grace in this:
That I may learn to do what's right,
And in You place full trust.

Even in the darkest hour, even in the night,
May I do what Love would do,
Though no one's looking on but You.
When the day is calm and light,
When there seems no need for me,
Yet may I always fight the fight
So none may be out there and see
My light turned off and no more bright.

Even when those my enemies
Gather round to laugh and jeer
May only love pour out of me,
That they may see Christ here.
When my work seems dull or hard
And I'm tempted to do less,
May I remember Your work on the cross,
Hands nailed, face marred.
And see in each menial task,
Your work to do, a work that lasts.
When the world looks down at me,
And tries to tempt me with its sin,
May I stand, firm, indeed,
And with You the fight win.

So much grace is needed, Lord,
But You'll give me all I need
For You said so in Your Word,
And I felt it when I was freed.
And now I  thank You for Your grace,
Abudant, overflowing to me.
For it was You who took my place,
And died for my sin on the tree.
Your love crosses nations
And offers true life to all,
Lord, I'm grateful for Your salvation
And I'm glad I answered Your call.


  1. Wow. I've got tinglies all over. Thank you so much for that!


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