Sisters of the Faith: Camille

A note from Joanna:  Camille and I met back in the fall of 2009, when we spent a few weeks together learning and teaching the Character First! (now In the Gap program) Education program in Oklahoma City public schools.  Camille is a young lady with a kind word for everyone and a heart for reaching children for the Lord.  Listen in as we talk with Camille and hear a bit about her life...

PhotobucketWhen did you come to know Christ?  What has your journey been like?

 I came to know Christ as a child.  My journey has started out slow and has gotten faster to the point where I am at now.

This past year I had the experience of knowing what it was like to abide in Christ...and how everything revolved around God and reading the Bible.  I remember one morning waking up and forgetting to read my Bible. I started my day and it just didn't feel right to not read my Bible so I had to go back and read it...and that has never happened to me before and it was just really neat. One hard thing that God has been teaching me is that He is the only one that can sustain me....not people, music, or my favorite things but only Him and when I choose to actually go to Him first then He will bless me for that.

Tell us about your involvement of teaching in Oklahoma City schools with In the Gap and how you got started.

 I first started In The Gap when I was fifteen, following in my sister's footsteps. That was a really stretching and growing time for me and I have gotten closer to God through all that has happened in In The Gap.  It has truly been a blessing to my life for me to be able to serve here. I am now on the staff team and looking forward to the new opportunities that God has in store for me.

Share with us a favorite memory from teaching.

One of my favorite times of teaching was at this one school with my sister and friend. She would always have an animal story that went along with the character quality and we would act it out. It was so much fun and we had lots of time for laughter those days.

You’re still in high school and teaching in public schools with In the Gap.  What is it like to be doing both?

It is very different doing both high-school and In The Gap at the same time. My first session I went to school only one day a week, and did my own school the other four days. Then I moved more in and did more days of teaching than doing my school. Now that I am the staff team and have more responsibilities than just to plan, show up, and teach so I usually don't get much school done during the sessions. I catch up during the summer...which is starting to get full as well. But as my Mom puts it, I'm learning life skills through it all and yes, academics are important but learning character is really important.


How has the Lord been speaking to you lately?

God has been speaking to me and showing me in little ways how much He loves me. And that the simple, small things that mean a lot to me, mean a lot to Him, and He wants to make me feel special by doing those special things for me. Also He's been teaching me how that He answers prayers...sometimes it's yes, sometimes it's no, and sometimes it's wait. And that's often the hardest one to get because sometimes when He's answering wait it doesn't seem like He's answering at all.

But He's teaching me that all things come together in His time and I don't have to worry 'cause I'm putting my unknown future into the hands of an all-knowing God. 

A few of Camille's favorite things...

playing the piano :: learning Spanish :: Chinese food :: frisbee :: teaching kids 
:: summer :: water fights :: laughing with friends :: reading God's Word


  1. So nice to meet you Camille! I think it is awesome you have such an incredible opportunity to shares smiles and positive character building lessons in your public schools... I don't fully 'get' how it all works, but what a ministry, even if/when you can't directly speak of Christ. :) I kind of know what it's like, as a student teacher here in Australia. :) I did a similar thing and volunteer taught/ assistant taught during high school whilst homeschooling. Definitely one of the best decisions I ever made! :)

    1. Nice to meet you least over the internet :) if you would like to know more about what I do you can check out this it has tons of stuff that talks about what we do. That is so cool how you're teaching too...and in Australia no less! That is so amazing! Keep pressing on towards Christ and doing His's always the best, most exciting way to go! Camille

  2. Camille, what a blessing to read this article/interview about you. I still think of you often and will be praying for you as you continue to pursue God in your life. "One hard thing that God has been teaching me is that He is the only one that can sustain me....not people, music, or my favorite things but only Him and when I choose to actually go to Him first then He will bless me for that." Tiffany Martens


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