Weeds are Growin'

I glance down.  It's ironic.  The weeds are growing quite well in my garden.  There are supposed to be delicious vegetables flourishing, but instead they look puny and are not producing much.  The plants haven't had much care given to them.  My glance lingers.  The weeds grow without any toil or sweat.  Isn't that like how it is in my life?  It comes easy for sin to grow in my heart.  It doesn't take much effort on my part.  But discipline?  Purity?  Faithfulness?  Those can take effort, time, and prayer.

Really, sin - that "weed" - can be such an easy trap to fall into.  Perhaps the opportunity is there and you slip right into it.  Just because it feels right or looks right or seems like a natural response, doesn't mean it is right. God, however, doesn't excuse us because it might be a natural response.  Instead, He gives us guidelines in His Word on how to live and grow closer to Him (Exodus 20, for example).

It may seem unfair that doing something sinful like gossiping or hating someone comes so easily.  The thing is, our world is corrupt and devoid of godliness.   Plus, our own human nature is sinful - the Bible says we're even born into it (Romans 5:12). Basically, sin can often be our natural reaction...that is, until we're born again!  I've heard it said that God's ways of doing things are often the opposite of ours.  Perhaps someone spreads lies about you and seeks to ruin your reputation.  Is your natural response to love them and pray for them?  Because that might not be our first response, but that's what God says to do (Matt. 5:44).

So what do you do, as a born-again believer, when you're going about your day and you slip again into a habit you've been trying to stop?  That sin is like a weed growing in the garden of your heart - and you'd rather have beautiful flowers, wouldn't you?  Don't let an excuse rise up, "I'm just human and all humans sin!".  Instead, stop and pray.  Ask for forgiveness and then move on.  Search the Scriptures and find a verse or passage to memorize regarding your particular "weed".  Keep doing your part to allow the Holy Spirit the freedom to change you from inside out and take out those weeds.  And know that no matter what, no matter how many times you fail and have to try again, you're still beloved of the Lord, dear girls!


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