Learned from Dandelions


I see a thousand dandelions,
Blowing in the breeze;
Giving themselves to the wind,
Scattering their dreams.
But I know that’s not the end-
It isn’t as it seems.
Because someday, there will be
Ten thousand flowers from those seeds.

And I see so many souls,
Going through such pain;
Battered by the winds of life,
Dashed by pounding rain.
But even in the storms,
Bending with the blows,
Each soul that sings through the thorns
Shall bloom into a rose.


  1. This is a beautiful poem! It makes me think of my thoughts and attitudes - a thousand tiny thoughts that *poof!* like a dandelion get blown and spread throughout my mind and heart. I must be careful to take hold of and plant only those that honour my Lord, and which will encourage my heart in purity and holiness - so that, in time, it is that blooming rose which fragrances my life.
    Thank you! and Blessings!


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