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Happy Friday, sweet readers! Can you believe we're a month into the new year already? We sure can't! We pray that God blesses you in this new year!

Now, without further ado - a menagerie of encouraging, fun, and absolutely inspiring links:

Sermon Index is an awesome site where you can download and listen to sermons by A.W. Tozer and many others.

Most of us are still working on those New Year resolutions; here's a link to spur you on in your daily walk with Him. The 5 O'clock Club encourages us to wake early to spend time with our Savior. Come on and join!

Check out TobyMac's new song about giving God the glory "Steal My Show". What an encourager "Live Like That" by Sanctus Real is.

Last, but not least read Katie Davis' (author of "Kisses from Katie") blog!

In His love,
Joanna, Megan, Krista, Emily & Victoria


  1. My sister was given 'Eye On It' CD by TobyMac and I love that song, Steal My Show. It's a bit of an earworm, and it is so true. It's great to hear a raw song like this by a popular Christian artist; it really shows his heart.

    I think Live Like That is actually by Sidewalk Prophets. I haven't listened to the song, but I would love to listen to more of their music. How 'rocky' is it?

    God bless you!

  2. I have listened to Toby's song before, and it is like, my FAVORITE!!! :)And "Live like that" is one of the most encouraging (like you said) songs ever. Thank you girls, for every post you put on here, they make me smile. :)


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