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Some of our favorite links from this month...

The Rebelution has been "dusted off" and is back!  As many of you may know, we were "spotlighted" in Alex and Brett Harris' book Do Hard Things which came out in April 2008.  Really, a lot of what we do here on Bloom! is closely knit with The Rebelution and doing hard things for the glory of God, so we're excited that the Harrises are getting the blog back up and running!

We also wanted to highlight six year anniversary of The Modesty Survey, done by The Rebelution back in 2007. This survey, taken by over 1,600 Christian guys, covers a wide variety of topics - everything from swimsuits to what guys think of girls who dress modestly. The Modesty Survey is a fabulous, informative resource for us as we seek to honor God and encourage our Brothers in Christ!

Lastly, we'd like to request prayer for and alert you about Gary, an orphan in China who will  "age out" of the system when he turns 14 in July, 2013. If this were to happen, he would no longer be able to be adopted internationally and it is very unlikely that somebody from China would adopt him. Krista's church is currently sponsoring Gary, but he desperately needs a loving, forever family before July.  If you know of someone interested in adopting Gary, please refer them to Harmony Outreach (  Adoption is something we believe is close to our King's heart (see Romans 8, especially 14-17), so join us in praying for Gary and all the others who yearn for an earthly adoption as well as a heavenly one like we have received from God!

In Him and through Him,
Joanna, Megan, Krista, Emily & Victoria


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