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A snippet of where we've been around the web recently...

The Light of His Grace: "And if I’m disappointed in myself — then how is God not disappointed in me? How does He look at me with unfailing love and hope that I’ll do better tomorrow but won’t love me any less if I don’t? It doesn’t make sense. And sometimes it just feels easier to cover these insecurities up and pretend they’re not there instead of exposing them to the light."

Why Do Bad Things Happen? It's the question we always ask. Ci Chong offers grace and wisdom in a guest post on The Rebelution blog: "David’s peace and comfort, as well as his joy, came from the same source: his deep relationship with God. In other words, David knew God so well he could still be convinced of God’s perfection despite the bad things in his life. God’s perfection was a glorious reality, so much so that David could trust that even the trials in his life were part of God’s perfect plan."

Living in the Sacred Present: It's graduation season again, and so we're pulling out from the archive Jessina's thoughts as she graduated a few years ago: "Amidst the striving and the rush and this emphasis on the future, we lose sight of the beauty of an ordinary afternoon, we overlook the evidences of grace in another person’s life, and we take no delight in the actual act of our work."

Happy Friday, lovelies!
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