Friday Footprints


     Well, girls, summer has come to an end and it's time for fall - full of cooler weather, beautiful leaves, and cozy afternoons at home. For most of us school is back in session. So whether you're back to doing homeschool work in your pjs, heading to school each morning, or balancing a busy college schedule, here are some links for those few free moments between assignments.

     Looking for a laugh and some very truthful statements, then check out Blimey Cow! They makes some great points in a hilarious way. If you're a homeschooler you may want to check out their video" Seven Lies About Homeschoolers " it's pretty funny and true!

     How about some yummy fall snacks to help you study? Thinking of having some apple cider? Try making Apple Cups. Or these yummy Pumpkin Muffins!

     Last but not least, a few great songs... Tell the World by Lecrae, Proof of Your Love by for King and Country, and Hold Me by Jamie Grace. Enjoy!

Happy Friday and Fall, ya'll!
Megan, Joanna, Krista, Victoria & Emily


  1. I love those last 2 songs! And I'l be sure to check out the rest of the links. Thanks guys! God bless.


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