This Day

 photo ThisDay3_zpsf147b8ac.jpg

This is the day that You have made,
Give a song for my heart to proclaim!
I want beauty that will never fade-
A spirit declaring Your name.

 Lord, open wide my heart to see
The plans You have in store for me
This day.

With promise and life this day is filled,
For You are here and You are good.
And even things that seem to not
Be beautiful- that seem as if they never could,
You can make beautiful
This day.

Let love to fear give chase,
Let worry bow to peace,
And pride fall down to grace.
May Your will reign supreme,
I pray.
And joy in You be my glorious theme
This day.

O Lord, I have so many regrets-
Days wasted and things I know
I could’ve changed. But yet
You still reach out to me and show,
With each fresh sunrise, mercies new,
Another chance to give my all for You
This day.

Let the past no more define me, Lord,
But let Your grace be my identity.
Help me share Your message to the world
Of how Your Son came to set us free,
And give us life for eternity
And hope for this day.


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